First and foremeost, the Foundation would like to thank all of you for visiting this site.  Just the mere fact that you have taken a few minutes of your time to reflect on Aadel, or learn more about his courageous battle with bone cancer, means a lot.  We hope you will remember Aadel's mantra by helping others with your gift to pediatric cancer-related causes.

A special thanks to the many volunteers who have graciously dontated their time to make this charity special, and fun.  In particular, our Directors: Andy Goldwasser, Jay Siegel, Arman Askari, and Michael Levine.  Our Social Coordinators:  Julie (Gruen) Mawaka, Marla (Jaffe) Moss and Lisa Artino-Goldwasser.  Our Head Bartender and Artist:  Doug Eastman.  Our Security: Doug Piper, Rob Friedman and Rob Israel.  Each of you have worked tirelessly to support the Foundation.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Thanks to Phil Siegel for making the Greeenville available to us.

Thanks to John Boustani for volunteering his time to assist with the information technology .  

And most of all, thanks to the Askari family for allowing us to remember Aadel in such a special way.